Vienna 2016 and Belfast 2017 | Simultaneous Interpreting

How WordlyWise made a difference with high-quality conference interpreters


Simultaneous interpreting for global event

The World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) is a trade association, development agency and foundation created to help credit unions worldwide. Its members are spread out over 60 countries around the world. They organise an annual conference for all its members and always require conference interpreting services into Portuguese and Spanish.
This organisation advocates internationally on behalf of its members and provides global networking opportunities.
Their mission is to improve lives through credit unions and other financial cooperatives. They believe that everyone should have access to affordable, reliable and sustainable financial services.

The client’s challenge

Every year WOCCU holds its premier global event for the credit union sector with interesting keynote speakers and workshops on several themes related to the credit union movement.
The World Credit Unions Conference receives attendees from all over the world, including board members, CEOs, directors, senior managers and other stakeholders.
After having had negative experiences with other conference interpreting providers, WordlyWise was recommended to the organisers to provide conference translation services for this yearly event.

The brief

The client had high expectations and WordlyWise was ready for the challenge. All interpreters were selected based on their previous experience with financial and credit union terminology.
The interpreters were going to cover all breakout sessions and keynote sessions at the main auditorium for one of the largest delegations attending the event.

The preparation

Prior to the event, the interpreters delved into the terminology, watched videos of speakers on YouTube and studied all materials received from the client.
Our team leader made sure the interpreters got as much information as possible in order to be fully prepared.
We explained to the client how important this study phase is and how receiving all presentations before the event commences is key to ensure the best performance possible.
WUCU’s YouTube Channel was also very helpful to get an insight into the organisation’s activities and understand their interests before the event.


The feedback

WordlyWise’s team was fully ready and delivered high-quality interpreting during all sessions. There were several topics involved, fast speakers and challenging terminology, from financial matters to technology to fintechs, just to name a few.
Quite a few presentations were made available just before their start, but our interpreters were ready for the challenge.
During the event, many delegates kept giving their thumbs up to the simultaneous interpretation provided. Several participants came to the booths to personally thank the interpreters.
It is invaluable to receive great feedback, specially when the stakes are high and when one is working in such a high-profile global conference. This was team work at its best.