Terms and Conditions

“Company” means WordlyWise Language Services Ltd.

“Interpreter/Translator/Linguist/Contractor” means the person appointed by WordlyWise Language Services Ltd to provide the interpretation services under the PO.

“Client” means the company, company representative or individuals on whose behalf WordlyWise has arranged interpretation/translation.

Purchase Order

Prior to each assignment, the company will send the interpreter/translator/linguist/contractor a Purchase Order “PO”, usually by email to an email address nominated by the interpreter. This will contain details of the fees payable and other relevant details supplied by the client.

Each PO will contain assignment details that should be quoted on your invoice. 


Upon receipt of a PO, the interpreter/translator/linguist/contractor automatically confirms acceptance. Acceptance of the assignment also binds you to the conditions set out in this document. 


The content of materials provided prior to each assignment and the content of each assignment are always to be treated in strictest confidence. The interpreter/translator/linguist/contractor will abide to confidentiality in regards to privileged information they may come in contact with.

No images, photos or content related to any job shall be shared on social media without prior consent under any circumstances.


If the company has to cancel an assignment we will endeavour to supply you with a similar alternative assignment on the same day (although may be different time and venue). If we are unable to provide a similar piece of work we will pay:

  • 100% of the working day fees as specified in your PO if the cancellation is announced less than 7 business days before the beginning of the assignment
  • 50% of the working day fees as specified in your PO if the cancellation is announced less than 15 business days before the beginning of the assignment. 

If the interpreter is unable to fulfil an assignment they should inform the company at the earliest opportunity. Any steps the interpreter can take to mitigate the circumstance e.g. suggesting a suitably qualified replacement will be greatly appreciated.

In the event of a cancellation by the Company, we will pay any reasonable non-refundable expenses incurred for the original booking e.g. pre-booked travel tickets, so far as they fall within our expenses policy outlined below.


Each interpreter/translator/linguist/contractor must hold their own public liability and professional indemnity insurance and travel insurance.


For consecutive and simultaneous onsite assignments, expenses must be submitted with your invoice as soon as possible after the completion of the assignment. If expenses are not submitted within 48 hours of the end of the assignment, the company reserves the right to determine a nominal amount and pay this in lieu of actual expenses incurred. 

Unless otherwise specified reasonable expenses on public transport include: second class return rail fare, bus, tube and taxi fares.

Unless agreed in advance, personal expenses incurred whilst working for a client such as telephone calls, newspapers and mini-bar are solely the responsibility of the interpreter.

Interpreters must provide the company with receipts for all expenses.


Payment will be according to the fees in the PO plus any reasonably incurred and agreed expenses. Interpreter invoices need to be supplied to the company within 48 hours after the end of each assignment. 

The invoice (sent in PDF/Word format) should be made to and include the following details:

WordlyWise Language Services Ltd

Office 46

219 Walworth Road

London SE17 1JE

Job Reference

Language Pair

Job Date

Invoices must be sent to [email protected]

The invoice must contain bank account details and a breakdown of expenses with receipts (if applicable). Receipts should be sent in PDF, low and clear resolution.

It must also contain the interpreter/translator/linguist/contractor name, address, VAT registration (if applicable) date, bank details and the rates agreed in the PO.

The company will pay the invoice by BACS within 30 to 60 days from the date stated on your invoice, or the date received by us. The date on your invoice must be after the final date of the assignment.

Where the invoice does not contain the information required above or the rates do not match the PO payment may be delayed.

Payment will be delayed in the instance of a quality dispute, see below. 

Quality of work

The company expects each interpreter/translator/linguist/contractor to work to the best of their ability. Occasionally a client may raise a quality issue with the company regarding a particular assignment. In such instances, the company will notify the interpreter and delay payment of the invoice until the dispute is resolved.

The nature and detail of the quality issue will be discussed with the interpreter and the company undertakes to resolve quality issues as quickly as possible.

Where there is substantive evidence the quality of the work falls below an acceptable standard the company may withhold payment in part or in full.

WordlyWise expects their contractors to follow all instructions provided prior to a job as well as following all guidelines in relation to the preparation, working equipment and any other issue in relation to each job. Any quality issues arising from failure to adhere to such guidelines may incur a reduction in or withdrawal of payment.

Communication with the client 

The client relationship rests with WordlyWise unless otherwise specified. Onsite discussions with clients must be restricted to topics necessary for providing effective interpretation and clarifying specific requirements.

Any onsite client comments, complaints or requests for additional dates, pricing, costs, overtime, additional services e.g. translation or transcription, should be directed back to WordlyWise. Likewise, if an interpreter has any comments or suggestion regarding the working environment or conditions these should be referred to the company and not directly to the client.

WordlyWise will do everything within their capacity to ensure the best working conditions available to interpreters, asking for materials, agenda and presentations to be sent in advance, whenever possible.

These provisions ensure the company is always aware of issues onsite and allow interpreters to work unburdened with client requests or problems.

Interpreters should never reveal personal details, exchange business cards or initiate any professional relationship with any client without prior permission of the company. Likewise, no assignments directly with our clients, in any capacity, should be undertaken without prior notice to the company.