Simultaneous Interpreting Services

WordlyWise Interpreting offers spoken simultaneous translation that happens in real-time. In this type of interpreting, the simultaneous interpreter hears the speech, processes the information and translates the content into a different language a few seconds after the original speaker. A good example is the simultaneous interpretation into various languages provided at the United Nations.

The simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs using different types of equipment, depending on the type of meeting.

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Tailor-Made Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation Solutions

Global Conferences and International Events

In high-level international conferences, meetings and global presentations, simultaneous interpreters work in soundproof booths. They hear the speech through headsets and speak on microphones connected to a digital system. The system is operated by an experience technician and transmits the translations through various language channels.

Delegates have headsets and select the channel with the language they wish to hear. An experience sound technician will monitor the system during the entire conference. They know the system well and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Business Meetings, Factory Tours and Other Settings

In dynamic settings or small meeting rooms, where it is not possible to use a booth, simultaneous interpreters can use portable equipment. This equipment is known as tour guide system and consists of a small microphone and portable headsets.

Target Interpreting uses a reliable, light and efficient digital infrared portable equipment. It is very discreet and doesn’t pick up mobile phone interference. Interpreters can translate simultaneously very discreetly and saving precious time.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Simultaneous Interpreters


It takes years of training and experience to become a professional interpreter. Members of the WordlyWise Interpreting Team are qualified, members of reputable professional associations such as the ITI – Institute of Translation and Interpreting and experienced in business, medical and technical translation and interpreting.

This brilliant video TED-Ed by Ewandro Magalhães explains how simultaneous translators work.


At WordlyWise Interpreting our team respects client confidentiality and will study the topic and presentations before the event. That way they learn the technical terminology specific to the assignment. Interpreters who are members of ITI follow a strict Code of Conduct, which includes confidentiality, commitment to quality and professionalism.

All members of WordlyWise Interpreting also adhere to a Voluntary Code of Conduct. It includes a commitment to high quality, confidentiality and professional standards.

Many Languages, One Voice

WordlyWise Interpreting is a community of professional interpreters and translators working with the following languages: Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Spanish (LATAM and Iberian), Italian, German, Chinese, Kurdish, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, and Hungarian, just to mention a few.

Interpreters are native speakers and can only join by a strict referral system. All interpreters aim to deliver a professional and high-quality service at all times, it doesn’t matter if the job is large or small.

We welcome feedback from our clients to constantly improve our services.

Reaching Global Audiences

When you hire a professional simultaneous translation service, your idea will get across as intended. You can promote your brand, product or services effectively to many countries in many languages. And avoid having your message getting lost in translation, leading to market failure.

Maximising Your Profits

With professional interpreters your organisation can expand and reach new markets and new customers.


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