Simultaneous interpreting services for events and conferences

We provide specialist simultaneous interpreters in any language.

A simultaneous interpreting service is the ideal choice for larger events such as conferences, board meetings and multilingual events. We can provide experienced interpreters in every language, all of whom hold specialist qualifications in conference interpreting. Our service also includes the hire of all necessary audio equipment, including transportation, set up and technical support.

How does simultaneous interpretation work?

Simultaneous interpreters translate a speaker’s words while they are still speaking. They do this using specialist audio equipment that transmits the interpreter’s verbal translation straight to the listeners’ headsets. This means that the speaker’s message can be heard and understood by the whole audience at the same time, no matter what language they speak.

As you can imagine, simultaneous interpreting requires an incredibly fluent and deep understanding of both languages. It is a demanding role with no room for error. Because of this, it’s best practice for simultaneous interpreters to work in pairs in order to keep up with the fast-paced requirements of the task. We always arrange for two simultaneous interpreters per language to attend each event.

The two interpreters we had for our event were spectacular. They went above and beyond to make the event special for those listening to the interpreted feed. The staff behind the scenes were also great to work with.

A.N., Production Manager

Best of the Best for HRMRE

When is simultaneous interpreting the right choice?

Simultaneous interpreting, when an interpreter uses specialist equipment in real time, is different to consecutive interpreting, when speaker and interpreter take turns.

Simultaneous interpreting is likely to be the right choice for meetings with multilingual participants and more formal events where it is necessary for everyone in attendance to be receiving the information without a delay. This includes conferences, performances and site tours. Simultaneous interpreting is also an excellent choice for events that require interpreters for multiple languages.

We can deliver simultaneous interpreting services onsite, online or as part of hybrid events.

Make the most of your event with our additional simultaneous translation services

Translation equipment rental

Interpretation equipment for hire

We offer a full range of interpreting equipment to hire from our base in London. This includes PA systems, microphones, booths, transmitters, headsets, portable devices and more. Quality is incredibly important to us, so we carry out regular, in-depth checks to ensure all our equipment is in optimal condition.

Our hiring service includes a venue visit to ensure any necessary infrastructure is in place and to resolve any potential issues in plenty of time for your event. Our technical team will then deliver and set up all equipment on the day, then remain on site in order to provide responsive support for any technical issues that might arise.

Event planning and management

International event management

International events can be logistically challenging, especially when they require a simultaneous interpreting set up. We offer a comprehensive event planning and management service to help you ensure everything runs exactly to plan. Our project managers, who are experienced linguists themselves, will be with you every step of the way, right from the initial briefing to the event itself.

Can WordlyWise help you?

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