Simultaneous interpretation equipment rental in the UK

High-quality specialist interpretation equipment for hire

If you’re hosting an event incorporating simultaneous interpreting, you’ll need to have the right equipment in place.

We offer a full selection of high-quality conference interpreting equipment including:

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Interpretation equipment rental and interpreters in London

Interpreting equipment and soundproof booth rental

Our silent translation booths and equipment connect directly to the PA system. They allow interpreters to seamlessly translate for multilingual attendees via portable translation headsets, with zero disruption to the rest of the proceedings.

Tour guide systems

Tour guide systems are ideal for smaller meetings, tours or site visits as they provide high-quality sound at a modest cost. Interpreters will be able to communicate to a small group via portable headsets. This is ideal when only one translation direction is required (e.g. English to French).

Portable interpreting equipment

A portable interpreting system is ideal for small events where two translation directions are required (e.g. English to Spanish and Spanish to English). These high-quality systems are ideal for exhibitions, presentations and formal meetings.

Hybrid simultaneous interpreting systems

If you will be providing simultaneous interpreting over a video communication platform as part of a hybrid event, we can provide you with the tools and equipment to ensure the experience is just as smooth for people watching from home as it is for those attendees that are onsite.

Simultaneous interpretation in Webex

Simultaneous translation in Zoom

Simultaneous translation in Microsoft Teams

Though having the right equipment is vital, you’ll also want to be sure you’re using it to its full capability. Our equipment hire service includes full support, from helping you determine exactly what you need, to transporting and setting up equipment, to operating equipment on the day of your event and handling any troubleshooting issues.

We can offer you:

Trusted advice

The right technical set up for your event will depend on many things. We’ll help you determine the right tools based on the type of event you’re hosting, the audience size, whether it will be online, onsite or hybrid, and how many languages and language professionals will be involved. We can also offer site visits ahead of time to refine technical plans and determine if there are likely to be any problems.

Transportation, set up and testing

We will handle all transportation of equipment, both to and from your event. Members of our technical team will then set up and test all equipment and ensure the absolute optimum performance.

Skilled equipment operators

Not only will we plan, transport, set up and test all specialist interpreting equipment, our technicians will then remain on site to operate all equipment throughout your event. They will be able to ensure all equipment operates smoothly and even orchestrate any quick changeovers or technical fixes that might be required.

Can WordlyWise help you?

It’s not always easy to know where to start with specialist interpreting equipment. Whether you know exactly what you need to ensure your event runs smoothly, or whether you’re keen to benefit from our expertise and planning, please get in touch. We’re always on hand to advise. Please get in touch to discuss how we could support your next multilingual event.