Conference Interpretation Equipment

WordlyWise Interpreting has the necessary expertise and equipment to offer the highest quality of simultaneous interpretation for your event. In order to offer UN-style simultaneous translation to your delegates, you will need two elements: professional interpreters and the right technical facilities.

We are a team of experienced interpreters, covering the main business languages required globally. We have a long track record and many happy clients who have used our services.

Our experienced team leaders can assist you in organising business conferences, medical investigators meetings, corporate events or any type of event that requires simultaneous interpretation with equipment.

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Professional Conference Interpreting Services

UN-Style Interpreters with Audio Interpreting Booths

In global conferences, meetings and presentations, simultaneous interpreters work inside a soundproof booth, with participants listening to the language of their choice via portable headsets for translation. That way, interpreters can observe proceedings and be part of the environment, enabling them to tailor their services to their client’s needs.

WordlyWise Interpreting has a partnership with M&R Communications, who are a leading provider of conference interpreting equipment in the UK.

Through that partnership, we are able to offer technical solutions that are ideal for the following events:

  • Conferences with several languages
  • European Works Councils (EWCs)
  • International arbitrations
  • Global events
  • Sales and marketing conferences
  • Medical conferences
  • Product launches
Photo from inside a conference interpreting booth
M&R booths for simultaneous interpreting in London UK

WordlyWise Interpreting will assess your needs and will organise the interpreters, simultaneous translation booths, microphones and headsets that are necessary for your event.

During the event, an experienced technician will monitor the translation equipment, making sure everyone can participate successfully. Our professional technicians are trained to fix any issue quickly and discreetly.

Watch Interpreters Working in UN-Style

What are the Pros and Cons?

This is a reliable solution for conferences involving a large number of participants and/or languages. All speakers and delegates can understand what is being said and can interact successfully, without interruptions.

Setting up the equipment for simultaneous translation requires technical expertise, with interpreters based on-site. The interpreters undertake detailed preparation and study terminology very carefully before the event, thus ensuring premium quality interpretation. This approach is reliable and offers a high quality interpreting solution, although the costs of travel, accommodation and technical provision must be allowed for as well as interpreting expertise.

It is always worth remembering that unreliable and unprofessional interpreting services can completely ruin an event and that once confidence is lost, rebuilding a brand may take a long time.

We provide excellent value for money and full assistance in setting up interpreting services for your event. We engage professional interpreters and experienced technicians from our core and extended teams to ensure the success of your event.

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Tour Guide System

Simultaneous Interpreting for Small Groups in Different Locations

WordlyWise Interpreting uses tour guide systems to enable interpreters to translate simultaneously to any group of people who are on the move during:

  • Factory visits
  • Technical missions
  • Bilateral talks behind closed doors
  • Business meetings
  • Talks involving a small group of people
  • Training sessions
Brazilian interpreters doing simultaneous interpreting at Future Cities Catapult with tour guide in London UK
WordlyWise Brazilian interpreter Flavia interpreting at Westminster Parliament with Tour Guide in London UK

As we have our own tour guide system, we can offer excellent simultaneous interpreting services at very competitive rates. Our interpreters are able to travel with you wherever your meeting is taking place and will ensure there are no language barriers. Our tour guide translation equipment is versatile and lightweight, suitable for most environments where small group meetings might take place.

What are the Pros and Cons?

The portable tour guide can be used for simultaneous interpretation in a variety of settings, allowing great flexibility.

As interpreters depend on room sound, the venue cannot be too large and participants must keep extraneous noise levels to a minimum to ensure that interpreters can hear proceedings. Interpreters will speak in a lower tone of voice, working in pairs and being as discreet as possible.

Participants will listen using a portable and lightweight headset, enabling them to follow the meeting in their preferred language.

This simultaneous mode of interpreting saves considerable time. When interpreters work in the consecutive mode, the meeting will take longer as the speaker will need to pause for the translation after short sentences.

When using simultaneous interpretation, the translation happens in real-time, allowing you to maximise time for your programme or meeting, and ensuring that interpretation does not break the flow of the event.

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Bridging the Language Gap

To find out the best solution for your conference or event, get in touch with us. At WordlyWise Interpreting, we organise everything, advising you on the best solution at the right cost. Our interpreters are very professional and will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

That way, you can promote your brand, product or services effectively to many countries in many languages. You don’t need to worry about your message getting lost in translation and can focus on the success of your event.

With professional conference interpretation services, your organisation can expand and reach new markets and new customers at an affordable cost.


We tailor-made a solution for you