Professional interpreting services for hybrid events and conferences

Ensuring seamless integration for hybrid events

Hybrid events have become a popular way to make onsite events accessible to a greater number of people. Whether you’re filming and streaming an onsite event, inviting speakers to join virtually or recording sessions to make them available online later, we can work with you to ensure all aspects of your event fit together perfectly.

A supremely professional service and first rate support in the run up to and during our event. I would have no hesitation in recommending to others. Thank you.

J.T. OBE, Prison Reform Trust

Inaugural Access to Justice Institute

Multilingual event solutions

Interpreting services

We work with professional simultaneous interpreters with extensive work experience. Our dedicated team not only works in a variety of onsite events, but also provides remote simultaneous interpretation services through online conferencing platforms. They are extremely comfortable working with the range of specialist equipment needed to ensure a smooth experience for the whole audience, wherever they’re watching from. Though it can be demanding for interpreters to ensure the needs of both onsite and remote attendees are met, our interpreters have the necessary skills and experience to carry this off.

Live interpretation service management

It’s important to have a team lead when working with a group of interpreters, especially for larger events incorporating multiple languages. Our project managers are experienced interpreters and translators themselves, so they have a full understanding of exactly what’s required. We’ll co-ordinate with onsite and online parties to ensure all interpreters have been fully onboarded, that all specialist equipment has been checked and that each and every interpreter has the information they need to perform their role.

Specialist interpretation equipment hire and management

Hybrid events often require specialist equipment in order to facilitate communication between onsite and remote parties. We have a full range of suitably compact interpretation equipment available to hire, including transmitters, receivers, headsets and hybrid transmitters. All our equipment hire services include the assistance of a technical team who will transport, test and set up the equipment. The technical team will remain on site to operate equipment during the event.

Multimedia translation

We can translate any supporting documents you’ll be using during the hybrid event. This includes written documents as well as providing pre-recorded simultaneous interpretation or subtitles for any audio or video files that will be used.

Tools and platforms

In addition to ensuring you have the right specialist equipment at the venue, a hybrid event will also require the right digital tools and platforms to be in place. We can host the online section of the event on our high-resolution professional Zoom account, or we can work using the platforms of your choice. If you wish to work with a platform that doesn’t have professional interpreting channels built in, we can facilitate this via specialist third-party apps.

Inclusivity and accessibility

We are proud to be able to provide a range of services to ensure all attendees are able to fully interact with your event. In addition to providing simultaneous interpreting and subtitling services for any language, we can also provide International Sign (IS) language interpreting and live-captioning.

Can WordlyWise help you?

If you’re planning a hybrid event and are looking for support you can rely on, please get in touch. We’d love to talk to you about how we could work with you to bring your event to life.