Onsite interpreting services for conferences and events

Your trusted partner for onsite event solutions

We provide a wide selection of end-to-end, integrated services designed to ensure your onsite events go exactly to plan. Not only do we have a whole team of qualified interpreters ready to provide multilingual services, but our experienced project managers also offer a range of tailored event planning and management solutions.

Whatever type of onsite event you’re planning and however much support you need to bring it together, we’re here to help.

The process of handing out equipment to the students, advising the speakers on the live-translation process, the speed and accuracy of the translations themselves. The project manager was super efficient.

M.C., UCL Consultants LTD

MBA PPP and Concessions (FESPSP) International Module hosted by DPU-UCL

In-person interpreter services

Interpreting services

We work with a large team of quality interpreters who can cover every language in the world. Our professionals deliver consecutive interpreting services, where speaker and interpreter take turns, as well as simultaneous interpreting services, when a pair of interpreters use specialist equipment to translate in real time. Whichever language service is right for your event, you can be sure that every interpreter we work with is trustworthy, dedicated and highly experienced.

Live translation service management

Our skilled project managers are interpreters and translators themselves, which means they’re ideally placed to manage a team of professional interpreters. It is invaluable to have a dedicated manager for a group of interpreters, especially at a large event with multiple language teams. After decades in the industry ourselves, we are familiar with the things that can go wrong at an onsite event and, more importantly, how to fix them.

Event planning and management

We can take on as much or as little of the organisation of your event as suits you. We have a great deal of expertise in all aspects of planning and managing events, from setting budgets, finding venues and sourcing suppliers to creating a technical set up, briefing staff and keeping things running to schedule on the day.

Specialist interpretation equipment hire and management

We have a large range of equipment available to hire for onsite multilingual events. This includes interpretation booths, microphones, receivers and headsets. All our equipment hire packages include the assistance of a technical team who will test, deliver and set up equipment and then remain on site to provide support throughout your event.

Multimedia translation

Onsite events often require a selection of auxiliary documents including printed schedules, speaker lists and marketing materials. We can provide translated versions of these documents as part of our event solutions package.

We can also work with you to provide translation services for any pre-recorded video or audio that will be used during the event. This can be done using pre-recorded simultaneous interpreting or subtitles.

Inclusivity and accessibility

Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do as interpreters. In addition to ensuring multinational attendees are catered for, we work alongside trusted partners to deliver International Sign (IS) language interpreters and live caption services.

Can WordlyWise help you?

If you’re looking for support with an onsite event, please get in touch to find out how we could help. Whether you’re looking for support within a specific area or whether you are keen to delegate full organisational responsibility, we can build a support package to suit.