Online event solutions for conferences and events

End-to-end support with virtual events

We provide a complete suite of translation and interpretation solutions for online events, all the way from initial briefing to post-production. Our talented interpreters and project managers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your online event is a success.

Whatever the nature of your event, we can put together a tailor-made support package including language services, event planning, hosting and technical assistance.

We’re able to work with the digital platform of your choice, including Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams with Akouo.

The online simultaneous interpretation was flawless – all issues were solved rapidly and the team worked really well during all sessions. I highly recommend!

L.M., NICE Workshops

NICE Workshops

Multilingual event solutions

Onsite event solutions

Interpretation and translation service management

We can provide a project manager to work with interpreters and ensure the whole production goes exactly to plan. Our project managers are interpreters and translators themselves, so they fully understand all the demands of the role. We’ll make sure all interpreters are fully onboarded, that they are familiar with the technology being used, that all specialist equipment is checked and that all necessary rehearsals have taken place. We also offer management services during the event itself.

Live translation services

Online events are ideal for providing simultaneous interpreting, though they can be more demanding for interpreters than onsite events. Our team of conscientious interpreters have an excellent understanding of digital tools. All of our interpreters have the specialist equipment needed to deliver high quality simultaneous interpretation remotely.

Providing hosting tools and apps

The right tools are essential for the success of an online multilingual event. Many digital platforms offer dedicated simultaneous interpreting tools. This includes Zoom, where we can host events via our high-resolution business account. If you prefer to host on your own platform, we can either work with the tools offered by that platform or utilise our own third-party interpreting apps in order to improve engagement and collaboration for the event as a whole.

We can also provide you with recordings of the interpreting channels for later use.

Onsite event solutions

Multimedia translation and transcription

Online events often make use of virtual documents such as slides, schedules and marketing materials. We can provide translation and transcription services for these documents as part of our support package. We can also provide pre-recorded simultaneous interpretation or subtitles for any pre-recorded video or audio that will be sued during the event.

Live streaming

Our technical team is able to live stream online events to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social platforms. In this way, we can deliver and record your events in high definition to audiences all over the world.

Inclusivity and accessibility

Inclusivity and accessibility are important to get right. In addition to ensuring multiple languages are catered for, we can also help make your event more inclusive to deaf and hard of hearing attendees, along with anyone else who finds captions helpful. We can deliver services such as International Sign (IS) language interpreting, live captioning and subtitling.

Can WordlyWise help you?

If you’re planning a multilingual online event and would like to talk to us about how we could support you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer a wide range of dedicated services designed to ensure your online event runs smoothly.