How WordlyWise helped LSE and UNESCO launch an award-winning report

Event interpreting for high-profile conference with Secretaries of State from UK and Brazil

The London School of Economics, known as LSE, is a global university located in Westminster, Central London, UK. It has produced notable alumni, including Nobel Prize winners in various fields, heads of state and members of the House of Commons.

The Client’s Challenge

The Department of Social Psychology, led by Sandra Jovchelovitch and Jacqueline Priego-Hernandez, was organising the launch of Underground Sociabilities, a publication reporting results and theoretical developments on their research project. The report was published in collaboration with UNESCO.
The launch was going to take place at the LSE with the presence of the then Brazil’s Secretary of State for Social Development, Mrs Tereza Campello, her UK counterpart and several high-profile guests from various countries.
The organisers were aware that, according to the Brazilian diplomatic protocol, high-level members of government and heads of state must speak in Portuguese at official events. The challenge was to make sure everyone could understand each other in both languages, English and Brazilian PortugueseTo achieve this goal, our client needed to hire professional simultaneous interpreters.

The Brief

To ensure that the best simultaneous translation was provided to all delegates, our client asked for recommendations, which led them to WordlyWise. After an initial talk, the organisers were confident that they had found the right professionals for the job.
The first step was for WordlyWise to provide all the required information to enable the client to prepare for the event.
Once a detailed briefing was received and the clients’ needs were established, WordlyWise suggested a trusted equipment supplier.
The next step was to select a team of professional conference interpreters with relevant knowledge and experience to provide simultaneous interpreting between English and Brazilian Portuguese. The best interpreters were selected and booked for the assignment.

The Equipment

Specialist systems are required for simultaneous interpreting to take place. Usually there are different types of microphones, a sound-proof booth with interpreting equipment and receivers for the listeners.
The interpreters work inside the sound-proof booth delivering a version of the speech in the required language. The speakers always speak on a microphone, one at a time. And members of the audience hear from dedicated headsets, selecting the desired language channel.
The provider selected to supply the equipment for this event was M&R Communications, a reliable company based in London, UK.

The Preparation

To prepare for the assignment, the team of professional conference interpreters needed to learn and study the terminology. The client sent the agenda and relevant presentations in advance.
All information provided by any client is always treated with absolute confidence.
The interpreters usually dedicate many days before the event to learn the terminology and practice the speeches.

The Result

The event was a challenging one to interpret with fast speakers and different styles of delivery and accents. But, the interpreters were very well prepared. They delivered a high-quality professional rendering of the speeches into the required languages.
At the end, the organisers and various delegates came to the booth to thank the interpreters for a job well done. A selected number of speeches can be heard from this link. There is nothing more rewarding than a job well done and a happy client.
Project Details: Simultaneous Translation for High-Profile Conference, Conference Interpreting Equipment.