Consecutive interpreting services for events and business meetings

Whatever the language, whatever the event, we provide consecutive interpreters of the very highest quality.

A consecutive interpreting service is ideal for a wide range of events, such as business meetings, arbitrations, interviews and presentations. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an interpreter for any language requirement, without ever compromising on quality. All the interpreters we work with are fully qualified and highly experienced. They also have excellent verbal and presentation skills, vocal training and the ability to think quickly, whatever the circumstances.

How does consecutive interpretation work?

Consecutive interpreters work by listening while a speaker is speaking and quickly reformulating what they’ve said in order to translate it into another language when they pause. Though this type of interpreting doesn’t require any specialist audio equipment, interpreters need to have a great deal of skill in order to ensure all important information is communicated. It’s also vital for interpreters to possess a deep understanding of the culture and up-to-date vocabulary of both languages so they can ensure no vital nuance is lost.

In many situations, it will be important to have an interpreter who specialises in a certain area, such as law, politics or business. We work with a team of interpreters who specialise in a wide variety of subjects, which means we will always have just the right professional for the job.

Very swift, professional and friendly service. It was very pleasant to work with WordlyWise and their interpreters.

R.Z., Events Manager

Round-table on Women in Tunisian Financial Services

When is consecutive interpreting the right choice?

Consecutive interpreting, when speaker and interpreter take turns, is different to simultaneous interpreting, when an interpreter uses specialist equipment to translate in real time.

Consecutive interpreting is generally an ideal choice for smaller meetings and events, where it is possible to allow pauses for the interpreter to speak. This generally works well when a speaker’s words only need to be translated into one other language.

We can deliver consecutive interpreting services onsite, online or as part of hybrid events.

Can WordlyWise help you?

If you’re looking for an interpreter, why not get in touch to find out how we could help you? We can offer advice on what kind of interpreting is right for your event and will ensure we match you with just the right professional. Please get in touch to find out more about our services and interpreters.